Wendy Small

Vase with Flowers


May 20 – June 13, 2021

Wendy Small‘s practice usually takes place in the darkroom creating photograms and working with paper negatives manipulating light sensitive material. Through the years, she has gained a deep understanding of how an image is created with light.

Printmaker Janis Stemmermann saw the potential for Wendy to make images using a monotype process where the ink is applied and then removed with a rag, similar to the drawing process of burning and dodging in the darkroom, where light describes form.

“In this printing process I was removing the darkness (ink) that created the light… This process is my first attempt at ‘fabricating the light’.” – Wendy Small

Wendy Small
Vase with Flowers (Series 1-19) 2021
Monotypes printed on Rives BFK
and Somerset paper
30″ x 22″

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Vase with Flowers is on view by sidewalk
Through June 13
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