Artists Russell Steinert and Janis Stemmermann met in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 1990 and launched the Russell Janis website in 2012 as a platform to experiment with presenting visual, cultural and art-making ideas. In 2014, they moved into the current studio location. They facilitate and exhibit projects with invited artists across disciplines.

In 2020, during the pandemic, Russell and Janis established a presence at Fiddle Styx and studios for their art practices in the northwestern Connecticut in Sharon in a former childrens’ violin school.

Russell Janis Projects | 292 Manhattan Ave in Brooklyn

Creative director, Janis Stemmermann works within ceramics, textiles and printmaking. In 1987, she started her career as a collaborative printmaker when she worked as an assistant to Robert Motherwell’s master printer Catherine Mosely. In 1992, she bought her own press in Brooklyn enabling her to work with contemporary artists. In setting up the Russell Janis studio she returned to collaborative printmaking as well as immersing herself in her own studio practice.

Project facilitator, Russell Steinert is a conceptually-oriented artist with a wide range in his personal practice, often combining painting and object making. While ensuring Russell Janis vision implementation, he engineers our websites, takes care of the Russell Janis studio and everything else.

Top photo © Catherine D. Smith

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