What’s New at Russell Janis

Dice #9 D is one of an 11-part series: Luck of the Dice, that Louise Eastman conceived in response to the 2020 Presidential election. This series printed at Russell Janis studio was created using weavings made in the artists studio as the printmaking matrix.

Two new etchings by Peter Cross; Passage and Right of Way were inspired by childhood train rides through the Meadowlands of New Jersey. “…Decaying ruins of the industrial revolution in places long abandoned made a lasting impression on me as a boy. This vast swamp was seen by most people as a dirty and toxic wasteland but to me it was positively exotic, mysterious and compelling. Isolated remnants of civilization in this strange landscape created an incongruous but beautiful co-existence of humans and nature.”

-Peter Cross

Janis Stemmermann‘s use of the iconic checkerboard pattern has long been incorporated in her sculpture, ceramics and textile design. This new group of cups, mittens and hats is a whimsical continuation of her exploration of form and pattern.