New! Annie Coggan Computations Project/Exhibition Catalog

Computations project/exhibition catalog featuring work by Annie Coggan made for the third installment of the Winter Light Installation Series, a series of exhibits in the window at Russell Janis Project Space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, December through March 2020.

Betsy Weis Photographs

We are pleased to offer selected Betsy Weis photographs for purchase. These images appear in her video installation, Memory As A Political Act, part four of our Winter Light Series at Russell Janis, March 2020. Please click on the image to view.

Betsy Weis, Trees in the Distance, 2016

Janis Stemmermann Ceramics

Purple Flower Small Cup by Janis Stemmermann. “Observing the colors of spring emerge: pink blossoms layered over of haze of yellow greens of budding trees inspired the wash of pale purple over the buff color clay.

We are pleased to offer a new group of ceramics by Janis Stemmermann. Click on the image for the complete group.

Janis Stemmermann, Purple Flower Small Cup, 2020

• Please note all purchases go to supporting the artists, programming and activities at Russell Janis Project space.