What’s New at Russell Janis

Annie Coggan
Reaction 1, 2021
Screen Print ⎪ Edition 35

In Annie Coggan’s two installations at Russell Janis; Computations (February 2020) and current installation Multiple Reactions: Textile to Clay, she explores the use of smocking in architectural and object scale. The smocked canvas featured in this new print is a non-traditional pattern using bright orange thread, printed the same size as its original. View here.

Wendy Small
Vase with Flowers No. 07, 2021
Monotype ⎪ Series 1-19

Wendy Small applied her years of darkroom experience in creating images solely with light – to this monotype series. She depicts numerous compositions with flowers billowing and overflowing out of vases. Applying ink to the plate then removing with a rag; similar to the drawing process of burning and dodging in the darkroom.

Caroline Levy
Sunny Day, 2021
Linoleum block print ⎪ Edition 12

This block print was created as a follow up to Caroline Levy’s installation Felt Spring, January 2020. Mimicking how a child’s drawing is usually made: each element is brightly colored and simple in its idea. There is a separation between each form however, the print coming together as a playful puzzle-piece configuration.