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Sometimes walking room-to-room, the best thoughts come. Passing by, glancing at work, is a distillation process. At the moment, our next-to-the-kitchen print studio acts as a knitting studio. On a white-painted door set on sawhorses are colors, yarn, sketches and notes, unfinished knit pieces. On-going, ruminating and adjusting ideas. Knitters Dawa and Dawa, come over and pick up where I left off, refining craft and making multiples.

Robert Motherwell: Works on Paper, 1951-1991
Paul Kasmin Gallery, 515 West 27th St. NYC, October 30th – January 3rd

I made the jump from art-making to design in my early 30’s, guided by a working process that I envisioned for myself. As printmaking assistant to Robert Motherwell, I worked in his converted carriage house where he lived, painted, and made prints. An etching press set up next to his painting studio, each day he moved back and forth between the two, making, thinking, looking. As we all worked at the time-consuming activity of plate making, proofing and editioning, prints in various stages were tacked above the inking table for his reference, as he passed through or for studied looks after hours. I loved the environment, the daily workings of the small shop, so closely intertwined with the creative process.

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