Margaret Lanzetta

Almost Enlightenment

Monoprints and Ceramics

November 3 – 28, 2021

Almost Enlightenment, monoprints and ceramic work by Margaret Lanzetta is now on view at Russell Janis through November 28.

Virtual panel discussion with the artist, Margaret Lanzetta, Madeleine Viljoen, Curator of Prints & Photographs at New York Public Library, artist Julia Kunin, and Janis Stemmerman, Creative Director / Printmaker at Russell Janis on Tuesday, November 9 from 7-8pm

Open House with the artist on November 13 from 12-5pm

Working at Russell Janis with printmaker Janis Stemmermann, Margaret created a series of monoprints on paper based on the imagery of her previously made ceramic crowns. Both mediums are installed together, the crowns black, rendered on a larger-than-life scale, move beyond literal renditions of opulent jewels and precious metals underscoring their nefarious narratives.

Margaret Lanzetta is a New York based artist who has spent a significant part of her life living and working across the world: India, Japan, Southeast Asia, North Africa, and Europe. Buddhism, Islamic architecture, nature, world trade and industry are persistent sources of inspiration. Her globally influenced work posits the allure of the decorative against the reality of cultural/religious cacophony, grim economic migration and environmental fragility that cloaks the world today: “the toppling of consciousness from its throne” as termed by critic Dave Hickey.

Exhibition up through November 28, 2021, viewable from the sidewalk or by appointment

Open House with the artist on November 13 from 12-5pm

292 Manhattan Avenue (on Devoe St. next to church)

Brooklyn NY 11211

Graham Avenue L stop

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