Annie Coggan

Multiple Reactions: Textile to Clay

April 2021

In February 2020, we exhibited Annie Coggan‘s Computations, a series of architectural scale smocked canvas panels. Here Annie, “examined the impact of enlarging the size of each stitch from the scale of a dress to an interior scale.” Continuing this textile research, Annie began manipulating the smocked surface into a structure, bringing the smocking to a domestic setting, and making object-size vessels.

With Annie posting the work on Instagram, our creative director Janis Stemmermann, responded by asking how clay would react to these forms. Will it make them stronger? What patterns work best?  This began multiple exercises in the reaction of textile to clay: a call and response.  Throughout the year, Annie would send boxes of textile vases and tile forms to Janis. Janis then immersed them in clay, experimenting with stoneware, porcelain and glazes, burning out the original canvas structure by firing them in an electric kiln.

Multiple Reactions: Textile to Clay
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