Wendy Edwards


April 2018
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In the process of making monotypes, there is an opportunity for intense experimentation for the artist. Inks are painted onto aluminum or plastic plates, passed through the press as many times as needed and the ghost, the remaining ink from the prior pass, often used to start the next print. This reworking and recombining plates allows new images to evolve quickly, with each resulting print being unique just like a painting or drawing.

Painter Wendy Edwards spent three days at the Russell Janis studio creating a series of monotypes on the press with master printer Janis Stemmermann. Bringing along brushes from her studio and a color palette familiar to her, she took on this first-time monotype experience, producing a beautiful new series of works layering bold and subtle brushstrokes and color. Come see them - they are wonderful - on exhibit through April 2018.

Wendy Edwards monotypes available here and exhibit page here.

Project catalog here.

Upcoming at Russell Janis:
Upholstered Chair Auction § Soft Construction Installation
Guest Curator: Annie Coggan
Event: May 12th

292 Manhattan Avenue (on Devoe St. next to church), Brooklyn NY 11211
Graham Avenue L stop
Map here.


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