Folly Cove Artist Print Upholstered Chairs

May 2018

For this follow-up project/exhibition, vintage chairs were upholstered with the work of each of the fourteen artists invited for our In The Steps of Folly Cove Artist Print Invitational. The chairs were then auctioned off online, culminating at a celebratory event at Russell Janis. See post here for full description. Click here to view the project catalog. To purchase click here.

Peter Bregoli, Abigail Doan, Jean Jacques du Plessis, Louise Eastman, Jonathan Fabricant, Elise Ferguson, Susan Martin, Joe Peppe, Mylene Pionilla, Wendy Small, Barb Smith, Russell Steinert, Janis Stemmermann and Andy Yoder

Annie Coggan, Project Curator and Soft Construction Installation
Janis Stemmermann, Creative Director
Max McInnis, Upholstery
Lotte Walworth, Upholstery
Gustavo Cleto, G-D Upholstery, Bronx, New York
Joe Peppe, Furniture Consultant

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