Victory Garden

Love to Vote

Valentine’s Day 2018

Exercising your right to vote matters more than ever. To increase awareness for the upcoming 2018 mid-term elections, Victory Garden created Love to Vote temporary tattoos and coasters for Valentine’s Day. Spread the love with a pack of ten tattoos and ten coasters for $10. Order here.

Miss 2017

For the Women’s Marches in January 2017, Victory Garden created sashes inspired by suffragette sashes and those traditionally worn at beauty contests. Over one thousand sashes were printed at the Russell Janis studio and distributed throughout the country for the event. The embroidered sash set was made into a commemorative portfolio, Miss 2017 to help raise funds for ongoing Victory Garden projects. Currently, Miss 2017 is being honored at Yale University's Beinecke Library in their exhibition, The Art of Collaboration, Studies of Creativity on view on the mezzanine of the library featuring eighteen instances of American literary and artistic collaboration. Also on view, a selection of the sashes acquired by the New York Historical Society's Center for Women’s Studies in their exhibition, Collecting the Women's Marches up through June 2018.

292 Manhattan Avenue (on Devoe St. next to church), Brooklyn NY 11211
Graham Avenue L stop
Map here.


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