Susan Martin, Giverny Revisited (Prints)

Summer Eve

Themes of Garden, Landscape, Experience and Memory

June 2016

To accompany her works currently on view as a part of Summer’s Eve exhibit at Russell Janis, we invited Susan Martin to make a series of prints. Using her subtractive mark-making drawing technique used on the series of reworked Polaroids in the exhibit as the departure point, Susan spent two days making monotypes in the Russell Janis studio.

White, gold and green ink, a spackle knife and a horizon line were the determined parameters. The spackle knife used as the drawing tool, printing gold into white, white into gold, green onto gold. With each pass through the press, discovery of new possibilities and images revealed, culminating in a series unique prints, Giverny Revisted II 1-12.

Click here for available works.

Susan Martin’s work explores the use of repetition in combining various materials, processes and mark-making. Her minimalist approach with roots in textiles, provides reflective experience through order, precision and repetition in making and viewing. While an artist-in-residence at Giverny at the Fondation Monet in Giverny, France, she made a series of images on Polaroids. Living and working in the garden, on daily walks she would take images with a Polaroid camera. In the studio, she applied oil stick to the surfaces of the images and slowly scraped it away in small repetitive marks.

On view at Russell Janis through July 3rd 2016. Virtual tour of the exhibit here.


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