Spring Projects

Car and Blanket: Pattern, Form and Memory
April 1 - May 1, 2015

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Louise Eastman: Clay and Cochineal
April 9 - May 10, 2015

Tile Installation and Cochineal Collaboration.

Louise Eastman website

Louise Eastman: Clay and Cochineal

A Day of Cochineal
Saturday, April 18, 2015

Come join us to dye and experiment with Cochineal!

Cultivated in Mexico for centuries, the Cochineal bug is capable of producing every shade of red. Used to dye cloth for Inca kings, Navajo rugs, uniforms for British Red Coats, interior decorations for the French court and as a pigment in Van Gogh's paintings.

A Day of Cochineal
© 2010 Elena Phipps/Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Cochineal Red, The Art History of a Color

Emily Mason: The Intuitive Print
May 14 - June 14, 2015

A selection of prints on view from a twenty year, Brooklyn-based exploration of printing with carborundum.

Emily Mason: The Intuitive Print - Russell Janis post, January 2014

Note: All events to take place at the Russell Janis Studio Storefront. See studio shop link on this page for directions.
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