Potters and Printmakers 2018

Up Through December 23rd

Ceramics and printmaking share a method of making. Among artists these practices often involve dialog, materiality, strategy, collaboration and studio time with a kiln or a press to get results, forming community all the while.

This year at Russell Janis, we continued to invite artists in to create new works, curating and implementing relevant projects to enrich our collective experience. In support of the creative path we have formed, please consider purchasing an artist print or ceramic work for yourself or as a gift for this holiday season.

Olive Ayhens, Jamie Boyle, Annie Coggan, Peter Cross, Tara Douglass, Jen D’Arbenzio, Jean-Jacques Du Plessis, Louise Eastman, Wendy Edwards, Jonathan Fabricant, Sara Gates, Susanne Greene, Michael Gundlach, Molly Haynes, Kathleen Kucka, Margaret Lanzetta, Susan Abbott Martin, Emily Mason, Linda Nagaoka, Ilaria Ortensi, Danielle Pomorski, Joe Peppe, Jessica Perelman, Christopher Russell, Wendy Small, Barb Smith, Beatrice Steinert, Russell Steinert, Janis Stemmermann, Victory Garden, Betsy Weis, Ron Weis and Andy Yoder.

Holiday hours Saturday 12-7PM, Sunday 12-5PM, Wed.-Fri. 3-8PM or by appointment. Email us regarding inquiries and sales at exhibits@russelljanis.com.

L to R:
Molly Haynes, Small Net V., weaving – $600 ◄► Sara Gates, Back, silk screen print – $200 ◄► Tara Douglass, Bubble vase, ceramic – $90 ◄► Wendy Small, Untitled, etching – $75 ◄► Ilaria Ortensi, Untitled, ink jet print – $1,200 ◄► Kathleen Kucka, Vital Force (Arc), etching with burn marks – $900 ◄► Emily Mason, Held Out, carborundum monoprint – $3,600 ◄► Jen D’Arbenzio, Stacking Rings, Terra Cotta and Horse Hair Raku – $850/$1,250 ◄► Peter Cross, End of the Line, etching, – $125

292 Manhattan Avenue (on Devoe St. next to church)

Brooklyn NY 11211

Graham Avenue L stop

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