Peter Cross

Passage and Right of Way


November 2020

Peter Cross’ images draw from the past but also allude to a dystopian future and a modern world dealing with climate change.

My etchings and crayon drawings reflect childhood memories of riding on the train through the Hackensack Meadowlands of New Jersey.  Decaying ruins of the industrial revolution in places long abandoned made a lasting impression on me as a boy.  This vast swamp was seen by most people as a dirty and toxic wasteland but to me it was positively exotic, mysterious and compelling.  Isolated remnants of civilization in this strange landscape created an incongruous but beautiful co-existence of humans and nature.
– Peter Cross

In March, Peter Cross came to the Russell Janis studio to begin two new prints. He brought with him original drawings to discuss the project and left with two copper plates prepared with ground to work into. With the onset of the current pandemic, he did not return to the studio until October to etch the plates. Inspired by the prints of Corot, Peter focused on creating the images only using line, going back and forth drawing, etching and proofing until the images resolved. We are pleased to present these new editions, Passage and Right of Way.

For more information on these prints, visit the product pages for Passage and Right of Way.

Distant Thunder, 2019
Wax crayon & wax pastel on paper
Image: 10 x 14″, Paper: 16 x 20
Fill ‘er Up, 2019
Wax crayon & wax pastel on paper
Image: 14 x 10″, Paper: 20 x 16″
Musical Chairs, 2017
Wax crayon & wax pastel on paper
Image: 14 x 10″, Paper: 20 x 16″
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