One Sweater Many Shades of Indigo

Fall 2015 Kickstarter Project
Dear Friends,

Our latest Kickstarter project, One Sweater Many Shades of Indigo is about one beautiful sweater, one size, one that everyone can wear, produced in a limited edition, on-site at our Brooklyn Studio. The sweater is a distillation of years of designing and making. Working and refining the essential features of this one simple piece is in many ways bringing our global knit production home. We find this kind of exploration exciting and at the core of our mission at our Russell Janis project space and website.

With your help we were able to meet our goal and successfully complete our first knit item edition Car and Blanket: Pattern Form and Memory. Kickstarter is an excellent platform for these kinds of projects as it enables you to participate and allows us to expand our audience and raise necessary funds. Please give us your support for One Sweater Many Shades of Indigo so we can continue sharing and creating exceptionally thoughtful, beautiful, work.

With love, Russell and Janis

Click Here for One Sweater Many Shades of Indigo Kickstarter Project


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