A Louise Eastman & Janis Stemmermann Collaboration
Fall 2016

For Marigold, we wanted to expand on what we had begun with the Indigo Harvest Collaboration by printing on larger pieces of heavyweight linen. We could see the possibilities for creating living environments with the printed flower. In working, it was important to enable the inherent beauty of the materials and process to guide the results. We washed and treated the fibers with mordants of alum and chestnut bark to permanently set the dye. Rolls of woven flax combined with the luminous printing of cadmium color gave rise in this series to large printed panels, 80 x 40 and 80 x 60 inches in size.
True decorative art pieces, the panels can be used as wall hangings, stretched like a painting or hung loose like a Tibetan Buddhist Thanka painting. The panels can also be adapted for home or apartment use in furniture upholstering, for room dividing screens, bed coverlets and decorative pillows.

Marigold Chestnut Bark Linen Panel Screen
Marigold Linen Upholstered Settee

For the full Marigold 2016 project story and prints, explore the links below.


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