Making To Remember

Sorting through accumulated books, drawings, I came across a stack of Russell’s notebooks. As I turned the pages, scenes of a trip to Senegal held my attention. Pencil and pigment drawn snap shots, made to remember.
Russell Steinert, 1989, Senegal Travelogue
The tan canvas armor of a Carhartt® jacket, once the sign of an artist’s life in Brooklyn. Worn while converting uninhabitable places into live/work spaces, pickup truck trips to the hardware store, then getting home safely. When I bought this canvas bag, my thoughts went to that jacket - its color, economic utility and design.
Left: Carl Lumholtz, Huichol Indians
Living creatively - home and travel often feel indifferentiable. Musing, making and wearing, connections to trips taken, faraway. Recently, I came across the work of Norwegian explorer and ethnographer Carl Lumholtz. He was commissioned in the late 19th century by the American Museum of Natural History for expeditions to northern Mexico to document its indigenous people. Living in tents and hauling cameras, thousands of standing still photographs captured. Images brought back, collapsing distance, a sameness of archetypal elements shared.

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