Love Song

Thinking with my hands has always helped to let go of expired ideas and make room for fresh ones. This year, I decided one of my missions would be to re-examine what makes a great sweater. Setting up shop in my kitchen-print studio, I attached the knitting loom to the inking table, fixed broken parts and began re-acquainting myself. Like a singer songwriter plucking a guitar, I tuned the needles on the carriage bed, made several back and forth calculations and swatches, rethought old techniques, then put it all together.

The sweater is my love song. So much satisfaction in making and always for someone in mind. Yarn raveled into stitches and rows, resulting in a big warm hug.

This one is for Mike, our friend, neighbor, writer. For shepherding our small pets, laundry room notations, rack of brown shoes outside his door, text messages about what’s important, making choices and following through. An essential life wrapped up in a sweater, featuring forgiving Raglan sleeves, hand-constructed seams, a reverse stitch panel and wool from Colorado-bred sheep, spun and dyed by a 45-year-old family yarn business.

Raglan Sweaters can be ordered here.

Every October, the Duchess County Fairgrounds hosts the New York Sheep and Wool Festival, a large agriculture and culture event hosting enthusiasts to experts, parading their sheep and lama livestock for prizes. Mountains of fleece, shearing and spinning demonstrations, finished yarn and knitted goods, exotic foods and more. Last time we were there, I purchased a pair of socks made from rabbit hair and wool. My favorite and all worn-out, we will be there this coming Saturday looking for more.

NYS Sheep & Wool Festival, October 16-19

292 Manhattan Avenue (on Devoe St. next to church), Brooklyn NY


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