Louise Eastman

Invitation to Collaboration

A Week of Printmaking at Russell Janis

October 16 – 20

Using the traditional double wedding ring quilt pattern, Louise Eastman will be working with Janis Stemmermann on a new series of block printed images on the press at Russell Janis. Long time collaborators, Louise and Janis invite you to join them while they work. During the week, artists Tara Geer and Annie Coggan will be leading conversations. The following is the schedule: 

  • Wednesday, Oct 18  Stop by 1-5pm. Visual Thinking Strategies conversation led by Tara Geer at 5pm
  • Thursday, Oct 19  Stop by 2-5pm
  • Friday, Oct 20  Drinks at 5pm with conversation led by Annie Coggan

We hope to see you! Please contact us at exhibits@russelljanis.com with any questions.

Louise Eastman and Janis Stemmermann have been friends for decades, both as artists and mothers. They have produced various print portfolios over the years, and through this collaboration, they have developed a shorthand for creating art using a matrix of shapes that have been consistently fertile and useful: printing on paper and cloth, using inked blocks on cloth and paper. Their work has grown increasingly rich and varied. There are endless combinations of the known constituting a new vocabulary of form. For this series, Louise is playing with the traditional Double Wedding Ring quilt pattern, manipulating a quilt and its pieces; Janis will pull this through her press, and the magic begins.

Russell Janis Projects, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

292 Manhattan Avenue (on Devoe St. next to church)

Brooklyn NY 11211

Graham Avenue L stop

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