Louise Eastman

Luck of the Dice


Election 2020

“Chance is a possibility of something happening.  Everyone has a personal experience with an unpredictable sequence of events that change the course of the future, whether for good or bad. If words were my medium, this would be easy;  crap shoot, loaded, luck of the dice, jackpot, no dice, high stakes, long shot. But I make shapes. Right now I am exploring the cube, more specifically dice.  I play with materials and chance has a role in these materials; paper/printmaking, clay or textiles.”

Louise Eastman

In this year of the Presidential election, Louise Eastman embarked on a body of work about the luck of the dice. In her studio, she wove a series of squares on her loom with different configurations of horizontal lines representing numbers 1-6 on the die.  In February, during a series of visits to the Russell Janis studio she used the weavings as matrix, inking them and passing them through the press. She experimented with different quality of yarn for the stripes, anticipating they would receive or resist the ink to print with contrast. Laying out the woven squares on the press bed, she played with the 11 possible ways the squares could be arranged to build a cube.

Top left to right: Cocked Dice #3, Dice #3 A Version 2, Dice #9 A Version 1, Dice #9 D
Bottom left to right: Dice #3 B Version 1, Dice #3 B Version 2, Dice #9 E, Dice #9 B Version 1
Top left to right: 2 Dice Version 1, 2 Dice Embossed, Dice 3/4 Embossed, Cocked Dice 2
Bottom left to right: Dice 2/5, Dice 1/6, Dice 3/4, Cocked Dice 1
Detail of weaving matrix

Prints featured are available for sale. For more information, visit Louise Eastman’s artist page. For inquiries please contact us at exhibits@russelljanis.com. This exhibit is a window installation to be viewed from the street only: everyday from dusk until dawn through the month of November. 

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