Jonathan Fabricant

Studio Visit October 2020
Rectangle Village 5, 2016

For years artist Jonathan Fabricant has been hand printing unique images and editions in his Brooklyn studio. In 2019, he shifted to an upstate location, adding to his working practice a new prototype press that operates with a hydraulic pressure system. In recent studio visits, he shared with us his in-process prints as well as finished works from his flat files. We were attracted to his use of novel techniques to create his unique images, hand stamping as a new process of drawing and passing blocks through the press imprinting them onto canvas.

Rectangle Village 1, 2015
Rectangle Village 3, 2015
Angels & Bones, 2020
Waves & Buoys 3, Waves & Buoys 2, Waves & Buoys 1, 2020

Jonathan is one of the artists whose work will be featured in our entry for the upcoming Editions/Artists' Books Fair 2020 online, Oct 14-28. Stay tuned!

Unique prints featured here are available upon request at Click here for Jonathan Fabricant editions available on our website.

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