Louise Eastman: The iconic, crayon-colored woven potholder printed, cast and woven unexpected in material and scale. Slip cast bricks glazed and fired with playful, childlike brush strokes and color. Unfinished knitted swatches collaged and transformed.
Kathleen Kucka: Exploring canvas and paper using everyday heating elements such as hot plates, irons and charcoal lighters to "draw" onto surfaces. Marking time and marking hurt, marking our existence and journey.
Wendy Small: In a makeshift bathroom darkroom with ordinary household supplies, images of the universe realized. A toothbrush dipped into household cleaning products, drawing the thumb across the bristles, spraying on photographic paper to make an image simulating star-dense galaxies. A puffed up shower cap placed directly on the paper, varying exposure times to produce simulated stages of the solar eclipse.
Janis Stemmermann: With printing press residing in the studio-kitchen and a vintage book of interior design on the shelf, selected images of interior objects and rooms are transformed into puzzle-like matrices on vinyl and printed.


at the Russell Janis Salon
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Opening Wednesday, April 23
through May 4th
Hours: Saturdays 11AM-7PM, Sundays 12-6PM
and by appointment.

View Exhibit Here!

292 Manhattan Avenue (on Devoe St.), Brooklyn NY 11211
Graham Avenue L stop
Email: exhibits@russelljanis.com

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