Kathleen Kucka – Heartwood

Kathleen Kucka

April 2019
Combining the process of printmaking and burning as a drawing method, Heartwood is Kathleen Kucka’s second print project at the Russell Janis Studio. Kucka regularly uses burning in her studio practice to mark canvas. This spring, Kathleen applied burn mark-making to plywood creating a matrix to be printed. Using the woodgrain as a representation of heartwood, the structural support at the center of a tree, this materiality began a new interaction and opportunity to explore color, repetition and scale. Please join us for an exhibition of these works created here at the Russell Janis studio.

This printmaking project-exhibition at Russell Janis was featured in our Kathleen Kucka - Heartwood post, April 2019.

Works from the exhibit are for sale here.