Working In Print
Kathleen Kucka & Tara Geer
April 22 - May 14, 2017

Here at Russell Janis, we often invite art practitioners to come work with us outside of the routine of their studios. These projects are made with the goal of opening a window onto the creative process, to share what is largely internal with the outside. Through collaborative project development and the introduction of a new medium, the artist is often pushed to work in a new way, opening up their creative process even further. The results are often less about internal logic and more about finding restorative satisfaction, connectivity, and a centered calm.

In Kathleen Kucka’s work, burning holes into canvas or paper is an intervention. Not random, they instead create patterns organizing the experience of the piece, like lyrical footsteps of a dance. At Russell Janis, Kucka painted directly on copper plates which in turn were etched and printed into suite of four black and white images, subsequently transformed by burning into the surface of the paper and ink.

Kathleen Kucka works from the exhibit on sale here or by clicking the links below.

Tara Geer in her studio practice builds abstract forms through mark making and erasing, an iterative process which continues until an image becomes, pulling out space and dimension from within. At Russell Janis, her first experience making prints, she approached printmaking on the same large scale as her studio drawings. Exchanging pencil for black ink, the ink was brushed, scratched and wiped on the bed of the press. With multiple passes through the rollers, layering the first, second, and third printings, oversized, totem-like monotypes were the result.

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