Peter Bregoli – Rococo Camo

Peter Bregoli
Rococo Camo

April 2019
Peter Bregoli
Rococo Camo, 2019
Reduction Block Print
Painter Peter Bregoli created a textile block print for the In Steps of Folly Cove Artist Print Invitational in 2017 at the Russell Janis Studio. Sharing a history of working together in textiles, Janis approached Peter with the challenge of creating a reduction block print. This reductive method is where a single block is cut and printed across the entire edition, a cutting and printing for each consecutive color. Being close neighbors in Williamsburg made the undertaking easier, as the innate complexity of Peter’s work required much time for each stage of block carving. Over a period of six weeks:
1. Peter carves the block.
2. Brings block to Russell Janis studio to proof color with Janis.
3. Janis prints the edition for that color.
4. Janis returns block to Peter.
(Repeat 5 times)
In the back and forth progression of carving and printing, the block is destroyed when the last color is printed making Rococo Camo a truly limited edition.
Printed in an edition of 10 on Mulberry paper at the Russell Janis studio in early spring 2019, the print is signed and numbered on the front. Published by the artist and Russell Janis Studio.
This printmaking project-exhibition at Russell Janis was featured in our Kathleen Kucka - Heartwood post, April 2019.

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