Betsy Weis – Memory as a Political Act

Betsy Weis
Memory as a Political Act
Winter Light Installation Series, Part Four
March 2020

For Memory As A Political Act photographer Betsy Weis curated a series of forty photographs taken in nature and projected them on muslin hanging on the back wall of the gallery space at Russell Janis. Timed eight seconds apart, the viewer experiences the images' quiet sequential manner. The installation video can be viewed below:

Memory as a Political Act

Weather is an essential element in the mostly black and white images in this series about nature. The sequence begins with a chilly and wintry December, then turns to a deeply frozen snowy season. Next, the memory of summer emerges as a mirror of the coldest darkest days to remind us of the warm nostalgic comfort from the past. Eventually uncertainty prevails – how cold is it, how does the weather feel, and, what can we expect in the future?

This installation stands as a confrontation between our future memories and the current acceptance of the risky challenge of attempting to maintain and perpetuate an imperiled status quo.

Nature never stays still; its elements have been evolving at a glacial pace for eons. But now, the transition seems to be quickening. Soon we will be asking: how do we remember what the world looked like?

We may realize that what’s missing is the point, only the memory of what was may be what’s left. Meanwhile, there’s so much to look at besides what’s really going on.

- Betsy Weis

We are pleased to offer Betsy Weis photographs for purchase here. These images appear in her video installation, Memory As A Political Act.