Coming Up at Russell Janis

Fall 2021

Elana Herzog Recurrences

September 8 – October 3 
Opening reception: Wednesday September 8, 6-8pm

This new body of work features unique printed textile constructions and panels created by Elana Herzog in her studio and with printmaker Janis Stemmermann at Russell Janis. Through this printmaking experience, Elana created Recurrences 2021, a two-color wood block print on textile that will be printed in a limited edition and offered for sale here.

James Corrigan Evening Of Eno

Saturday September 25, 7pm

Violin, Flute, Trumpet, Upright Bass, Electric Piano, Guitar

On the recent birth of his daughter, composer James Corrigan has been playing her Brian Eno’s Discreet Music during her bedtime ritual. Having listened to it repeated times, he kept thinking about ways it could be reimagined for different instruments and played live. For this performance at Russell Janis, the players will be inside and the audience seated on folding chairs outside. The space will be lit, with the players and audience meditating on the music in the evening light.

Selections from Russell Janis Print Archive and EAB Fair

October 6-31

This October, we will be looking at our print archive, revisiting many of the projects we have produced and artists we have worked with in the last five years. Once again, we will be participating in the EAB Fair presenting our most recent print projects, October 18-31. Stay tuned!

Margaret Lanzetta Prints and Ceramics

November 3-28

In her series Royal FlushMargaret Lanzetta created ceramic crowns working “with a black porcelain clay body for its own palimpsest of regal symbolism. To move beyond literal renditions of opulent jewels and precious metals, and to underscore their nefarious narratives, the crowns are all black and rendered on a larger-than-life scale.” In a continuation this fall, Margaret will be creating unique prints using this subject matter at Russell Janis concluding with an exhibition of the prints and her ceramics.

Annie Coggan and Janis Stemmermann Fabricae

December 1-January 2

A collaboration/installation inspired by conversations about the work of 19th century textile designer May Morris, Annie and Janis work with a textile print created directly from nature, rethinking its application on various forms, intuitive, sculptural and a functioning chair.

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