Collage Workshop

Sometimes a casual comment can plant a seed. After a dinner party, as I was putting on my coat to leave, the host remembered a recent post showing an example of Herb Schiffrin’s Cubist inspired table top sculptures. My friend had been thinking about the piece and felt the work had a feeling of collage. He believes that the inherent nature in creating a collage is one of bringing the past forward. Suddenly, I saw the Schiffrin sculptures in a new light, with entirely new dimensions. Soon after, coincidently, another friend proposed collaborating on a series of workshops on collage. We met a number of times over coffee to discuss the possibilities. He wanted to share insight and knowledge on an idea he has been exploring for many years.

Al Hansen Calliope Mama 1962
Hershey Bar Wrapper Collage

I was excited about the possibility to use our new space as a platform for creative exchange. Picking up a recent issue of the Brooklyn Rail in the art supply store, I read Phong Bui’s interview with Fran Lebowitz about her life as a writer and thoughts on contemporary culture. Towards the end she states, “we live in an era of collage, which is the opposite of originality“. The idea of collage was definitely in the air.

One last consultation was necessary: Russell. He remarked, “A bad collage is just a mismatch of stuff. A good collage is disparate elements that when put together mean more than the sum of the parts“. On April 12th and 13th we are offering a collage workshop in our new Salon Russell Janis. Please sign up for some lively discussion and an exceptional creative experience.

Interested? Email for additional details! Ready to register? Register here.

Two-Day Collage Workshop

This two-day workshop is designed to increase technical knowledge and inspire creativity through collage.

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