Caroline Levy

Sunny Day

Block Print

June 14 – June 20, 2021

What do you visualize when you think of a child’s landscape drawing? Firstly, everything would be brightly colored (if all markers & crayons are available); the sun would be too close to the ground where triangular grass would stick straight up. A few cotton ball clouds would litter the blue sky and there’d be a tree and an animal or two.

Now how would it feel to live in and be immersed in this drawing? Caroline Levy asked these questions while putting together her installation Felt Spring.

Felt Spring installation, January 2020

She returned to this theme while working on the Sunny Day linoleum block print. Caroline carved her original drawing onto the block and created a puzzle-piece configuration. Similarly to how the immersive installation was divided into “parts” (ie: the tree, bird, sun, grass, sky…) the block print became a puzzle, each part differently colored coming together to tell the story of a sunny day.

Caroline Levy
Sunny Day, 2021
Linoleum block print
Printed on St Armand Cotton Rag Paper
12″ x 12″
To view the print click here.

Sunny Day is on view by sidewalk
Through June 20
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