Butternut and Bears

My transition from studio artist to designer began when I was making knit hats for Christmas gifts, using patterns and shapes from current sculptures I was working on. I took the left over pieces to a local store to sell and all of a sudden, I was a designer. So many of the things that I have “designed” throughout the years came from making gifts in the holiday season – an opportunity to playfully mix what was happening in the studio and the knitting basket, embracing humor, graphics, family and friends.

Russell and I have always loved making gifts appealing to any age and for this holiday season, we put together a group from our Butternut label featuring some of the true characters we just don’t want to forget: Snail, Owl, Blockhead, Block Blanket, and Steve’s Friend. This year, my knitting basket was joined by the potter’s wheel, inspired by an old Brooklyn Handknit sweater, resulting in some whimsical bear cups and bowls.

Butternut & Bears now available. Click Here!

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