Ben & Lee Sisto


Collaborative Series

June 24 – July 18, 2021

Pink 1, 2021

Among many things, artist Ben Sisto curates blank papers from vintage arts books, seen in his project Pressure Burns, 2016. When his wife bought their two-year-old daughter, Lee a set of Bingo markers, he saw an opportunity to use these old papers and collaborate with his daughter.

From left to right: Black 1, Dada, You a Dog, I don’t know, Pink 1, Orange
Each 12 x 16″

“Collaboration is always a challenge. What does Lee know of my intent? What do I know of hers? Am I letting her hand and personality come through? … I try to both teach and learn; to arrive at a place that honestly represents our shared understanding of form and color. A real dialogue. But then sometimes Lee just takes the paper away from me and says, All done.”

-Ben Sisto

From left to right: Blue, Pay Purple, Black 2, Green, Pink 2
Each 12 x 16″

Acknowledging that works of art are always hung at the same gallery level of 57 inches from the middle of image to the ground, Ben wanted to do this show differently. Lee helped him hang the works at 32 inches from the middle of the images, making them more accessible to her and other viewers.

Bingo is on view by sidewalk through July 18

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Ben will be gallery sitting 10 – 2
Tues 6/29, Wed 6/30,
Thurs 7/8, Fri 7/9, Sat 7/10

292 Manhattan Avenue (on Devoe St. next to church), Brooklyn NY


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