Andy Yoder

Poison Ivy Chair


Many people take great comfort in the bathroom towels being the same color as the soap, toilet paper, and tiles. It means there is a connection between them and an environment of order. Home is a place not only of comfort but of control. This sense of order, in whatever form it takes, acts as shield against the unpredictability and lurking chaos of the outside world. My work is an examination of the different forms this shield takes, and the thinking that lies behind it. I use domestic objects as the common denominators of our personal environment. Altering them is a way of questioning the attitudes, fears, and unwritten rules which have formed that environment and our behavior within it.

– Andy Yoder

Poison Ivy was originally created by Andy Yoder for our In the Steps of Folly Cove Artist Print Invitational. Continuing the playful narrative of Andy’s work, we are offering a made-to-order block print edition on Belgian Linen upholstered onto a maple framed chair – an artist print that you can sit on.

Poison Ivy Chair, 2018
Block Print on Belgian Linen upholstered over maple frame
H 33″h x W 24″ x D 24″
Offered in a limited, made-to-order edition.
Single Chair $1,200, Pair $2,200

292 Manhattan Avenue (on Devoe St. next to church)

Brooklyn NY 11211

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